The Massachusetts Police ID

The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCOPA) is pleased to announce a new program to create identification cards for Massachusetts police officers, both active and retired. The Massachusetts Police Identification Card is a secure, standardized credential that will assure you, the public, and other public safety/law enforcement officers that the bearer is a legitimate sworn officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The MCOPA is administering this program in partnership with its technology provider, Morpho Trust, who is the leader in identification security field and is the current provider of over 80% of the U.S. Driver's License secure credentials, including the new Massachusetts driver's license.

ID Features

Explore the ID features by clicking the numbers below.

1 Department Address & Phone Number

Each officer's ID will have their department address and phone number. This offers you fast access to call and confirm that the officer is in fact a sworn officer. It also provides contact information if the ID is ever lost and found.

2 Department Head Signature

Each ID contains the signature of the department head.

3 Kinegram® OVD

This security feature utilizes an image where the colors change as the ID is rotated and turned. The Kinegram used on these ID's is the same Massachusetts seal used on the new Massachusetts driver's licenses.

4 Department Seal

Each officer's ID will have their specific department seal.

5 Ghost Portrait

The faint (ghost) image is placed under variable data (the issue date) for greater security.

6 Overlapping Data

Variable data, such as signature and text, can be "overlapped" with another field, such as a photo image. In this case it is the ID's issue date.