Q. Does every department in Massachusetts use this new ID?
A. Every municipal City and Town police department, as well as the MBTA Transit police will be using the new Police ID. Most police departments already have their ID cards and others are in the process of issuing their cards.
Q. How do I know an ID is genuine?
A. Please refer to the guide on this website and also the video. If you still have any questions please contact your local police department.
Q. Why was this program created?
A. For years there has been no standard police ID. Most police ID's were created by the department and included no security features. The public also had no idea what a police ID should look like and how each city or town police ID was different. This ID program is taking a step forward in addressing these issues.
Q. What if an Officer or Detective comes to my house and shows me and ID that looks different?
A. Anytime there is a question about the authenticity of a police ID, new or old, you should contact your local police department. If you feel that it is an emergency you should dial 9-1-1. Of course we also remind you that Massachusetts law requires every person to comply with the lawful order of police officers.
Q. I would still like to know more about the program or I have more question so who do I speak with?
A. Please contact your local police department and they can answer your questions or put you in touch with the proper resource.